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LogRotator for egg. Rotate all file of app.loggers by default

# Install

$ npm i egg-logrotator

# Usage

  • plugin.js
exports.logrotator = {
enable: true,
package: 'egg-logrotator',
  • config.default.js
// if any files need rotate by file size, config here
exports.logrotator = {
filesRotateByHour: [], // list of files that will be rotated by hour
hourDelimiter: '-', // rotate the file by hour use specified delimiter
filesRotateBySize: [], // list of files that will be rotated by size
maxFileSize: 50 * 1024 * 1024, // Max file size to judge if any file need rotate
maxFiles: 10, // pieces rotate by size
rotateDuration: 60000, // time interval to judge if any file need rotate
maxDays: 31, // keep max days log files, default is `31`. Set `0` to keep all logs

# Feature

By default, LogRotator will rotate all files of app.loggers at 00:00 everyday, the format is .log.YYYY-MM-DD (egg-web.log.2016-09-30).

# By Size

Rotate by size with config filesRotateBySize. when the file size is greater than maxFileSize, it will rename to .log.1.

If the file you renamed to is exists, it will increment by 1 (.log.1 -> .log.2), until maxFiles. if it reaches the maxFiles, then overwrite .log.${maxFiles}.

Files in filesRotateBySize won't be rotated by day.

# By Hour

Rotate by hour with config filesRotateByHour. rotate the file at 00 every hour, the format is .log.YYYY-MM-DD-HH.

Files in filesRotateByHour won't be rotated by day.

# Customize

You can use app.LogRotator to customize.

// app/schedule/custom.js
module.exports = app => {
const rotator = getRotator(app);
return {
schedule: {
type: 'worker', // only one worker run this task
cron: '10 * * * *', // custom cron, or use interval
async task() {
await rotator.rotate();

function getRotator(app) {
class CustomRotator extends app.LogRotator {
// return map that contains a pair of srcPath and targetPath
// LogRotator will rename ksrcPath to targetPath
async getRotateFiles() {
const files = new Map();
const srcPath = '/home/admin/foo.log';
const targetPath = '/home/admin/foo.log.2016.09.30';
files.set(srcPath, { srcPath, targetPath });
return files;
return new CustomRotator({ app });

Define a method called getRotateFiles, return a map contains a pair of srcPath and targetPath.

# Questions & Suggestions

Please open an issue here.

# License